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Here is a (growing) comprehensive list of all the one-of-a-kind watches made and donated by brands to the 2011 edition of the Only Watch charity auction to be held in Monaco in September. As of writing there are 34 participating Only Watch 2011 brands that will offer a piece for auction. The below list will be updated as new information comes in. The names of the piece are under the image of that respective piece.

Celsius X VI II LeDIX GMT Big Date Mobile Phone Only Watch 2011

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In the US, one of the less known LVMH watch brands is Chaumet. LVMH, for those who don’t already know, owns brands such as Zenith, Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer, Hublot, and Dior. I really enjoy some of Chaumet’s watch designs, but with models names like “Dandy” they might need a marketing refresh to be US market viable (if that is even in the cards for them). Lets not dwell on trivial marketing issues and focus on one of their cool watches from a few years ago. The Parisian brand released this Chronograph model back in 2006 I believe. It is a bi-compax style chronograph watch with a round face in a cushion case. Probably the best conceived cushion style case around. This is aided by the interesting design of the lugs.Chaumet is all about modern art deco design. Part of that is a play on asymmetry. You’ll note the “racing stripes” (as I call them) on the dial that flow into the strap. This is a common element in many of their watches. read more

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I am a sucker for high-end trend dive watches from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Chaumet. Some of these are rather uncommon, but they are usually all well-done for what they are. A luxury style dive watch is more or less a designer style diver from one of the big fashion brands. I am not sure who made this concept appealing the contemporary sense, but credit can visit Chanel for essentially taking the motif of the Rolex Submariner and creating an all ceramic watch which looks sporty and sexy at the same time.Chaumet’s offering in this arena is the Class One choice. Compared to a number of the additional high-end style houses the Chaumet Watches Price List Replica Class One includes a wide assortment of choices and styles. In addition to three-hand, GMT, and chronograph versions, the Class One has been offered in a big range of looks and sizes (for men and women). For me the ideal version is that the Class One XXL that is 45mm wide and sold in titanium and steel, titanium, or in rose gold. This size gets the GMT and Chronograph variant, and I believe that they are fun looking, sporty sailors who will appeal to people who want something a little different – at least in the US. Chaumet is a new not sold in the US – so as much as I know using a Chaumet could be a lot more prevalent in different areas of the world such as France or Japan. I think that the very first time I saw Chaumet watches in person was in London in their store within a store at Harrods.Being able to receive one of these overseas and wear them in the US has its advantages. Especially when people ask you about the opinion and you comment on how “oh, these aren’t available from the States.” The dial is very easy to read, especially with the thick lume-coated hands. The dial is black with a bit of a wave pattern and metallic blue rings around the chronograph subdials. The friendly appearing bubbly “12” is a wonderful touch.
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Chronographs are not the only complication which Chaumet Watch Service Replica integrated from the Dandy-collection. Very interesting is the Dandy Metronome. This watch features a complication using a clever system of 2 seconds hands that run in the opposite direction to one another, creating the look of a metronome on the dial. This complication was originally developed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht for the Steinway & Sons Seconde Metronomique, really the watch collection of the famous piano-builder. The Dandy Metronome is housed in a white gold case and comes with a black and white theme on the dial along with the strap. It was introduced in 2011 as a limited edition of 100 pieces to commemorate the 200th year following the arrival of Frederic Chopin. What’s Chaumet’s connection with Chopin? Chopin used to reside at the building in Paris where Chaumet’s boutique is now located.A nice surprise is the current Dandy-collection also contains a jumping hour as well as a ruler. The jumping hour will be that the dressiest of the two, and exhibits yet another hallmark of the Dandy-collection; the finish of the dials. They may strike you as being quite plain and straight-forward in the beginning, but closer examination reveals a wealth of textures and finishes. The jumping hour for example comes with a midnight-blue dial with guilloché bayadères stripes along with a fine-brushed sunray design. The disk with all the jumping hours is also midnight-blue, with white numerals, a very important detail that is often overlooked. The regulator includes a more casual and sporty character. Though the jumping hour is only available in white and pink gold, the ruler a steel-only model albeit combined with a couple pink gold details. When combined with the metal bracelet, the regulator rather an imposing watch, and a proposition one might not expect from a brand like Chaumet, and especially not within the Dandy-collection. It is as if our metaphorical Dandy is flexing his muscles with the end result of a practical yet distinctive opinion as a result. Still this is a unique choice, but clearly not afraid to go head to head to other offerings within its price class. read more