Chopard Mille Miglia 2017 Race Edition & Classic XL Anniversary Limited Edition Watches

The historic, quirky, obscure, and arguably quite charming Mille Miglia race celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and with it come some pleasant releases from longstanding official timekeeper of the race Chopard. In honor of the occasion, as well as the participation of Chopard’s Co-President Karl-Friedrich Scheufele himself in the 2017 Mille Miglia race, Chopard is announcing a couple new chronograph models in their Mille Miglia collection: the Chopard Mille Miglia 2017 Racing Edition, as well as the Chopard Mille Miglia Classic XL 90th Anniversary Limited Edition that features an L.U.C movement. read more

Our Take On Your Timepieces To Be Sold In The Simply Watch 2017 Charity Auction

Auctions are best suited to the sale of unique items that aren’t otherwise available on the market. For that reason, I always look forward to the interesting watches that are donated to the Only Watch auction series which is currently being run by the auction house Christie’s. Only Watch is an event that we’ve covered a lot over the years on aBlogtoWatch, and the next installment of this biennial auction sale will happen in Geneva on November 11th, 2017.

The Only Watch auction series isn’t as strong an event as it used to be, but its main theme continues to be respected. The idea is that watch brands submit unique watches made especially to be donated and sold at the auction. These are unique prototypes or are the first in a limited-edition series. The proceeds (minus all sorts of fees, I am sure) are to be given to Association Monegasque Contre le Myopathies (AMM) whose goal is to fund medical research to help treat a form of muscular dystrophy. read more

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Allow me to highlight Chopard on still another element of the watch, which is the ring. L.U.C watches normally utilize one of the maximum quality straps I know of, and in addition to being attractive, they’re very sensible. By way of instance, many leather straps (calf, alligator, or otherwise) are somewhat stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Factory-fresh, the hand-sewn alligator strap is more durable, but also soft and pliable. Bending easily over your wrist, you can get a comfortable fit right away, which is not something that I can say to get so many high-end watches on the market. “Platinum perpetual calendar view” is about all you need to say in front of most watch fans in order to have them excited. Budget prepared, I would say most folks would be interested in having a product like this, which is both practical to wear and full of prestigious bragging rights. For me, complex apparel watches evoke the picture of someone who is in precisely the same time intellectual and classic. Here is the thinking man’s formal view (or the guy who regularly forgets what month and day it’s — and who also does not have an electronic calendar apparatus).So long as you’re open to the simple fact that a perpetual calendar’s utility and value are mostly emotional, then you are in the ideal mental state to start enjoying a perpetual calendar view. I say all this given that many people are going to use their wristwatch as a quick reference to this date, and not as their only, dependable calendar device. So with that said, when interested in a perpetual calendar, I recommend seeking one that is otherwise comfortable, a good monetary price, and comfy to wear. In a feeling, the perpetual calendar complication needs to be a welcome add-on (as opposed to some detractor) in an otherwise appropriate daily wristwatch. Is your Chopard L.U.C Lunar One only this type of watch? I’d argue, most certainly. read more

Chopard L.U.C Lunar One Perpetual Calendar Watch Review

A staple of the Chopard L.U.C collection, the Chopard L.U.C Lunar One perpetual calendar, has been an underdog hero for high-end watch collectors since the model’s debut over a decade ago. Today, I review a newer limited edition version of the L.U.C Lunar One (reference 161927-9001) in a 950 platinum case with a trendy blue dial. It’s a very Chopard product, showcasing a lot of what the brand does best, and at a price which, comparatively speaking, is very decent.

read more

Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer Watch Hands-On

The Chopard L.U.C XPS 1860 Officer is close to being a perfect watch for me. It isn’t the only watch I’d want to own, but as a dress-style watch – there is little else I could ask for when blending design, materials, artistic technique, and utility into a single timepiece. As a limited edition released for 2017, this is the Chopard L.U.C reference 161242-1001. Let’s take a close look at what it is all about and why I like it.

Chopard’s L.U.C collection of watches comes out of their higher-end facility in Switzerland. Not that “core” Chopard watches aren’t high-end or really nice, but L.U.C products up the ante in terms of the movement quality as well as the inclusion of (occasional) hand-applied artistic techniques to the movement, dial, or case. In many ways, L.U.C are the most traditional in style timepieces that Chopard makes, and are exactly what many timepiece enthusiasts are looking for. read more

Chopard L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined Watch

Back in 2013, Chopard announced the launch of their Fairmined Project, an initiative that aims to utilize ethically sourced Fairmined Gold in partnership with the South American NGO Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to pioneer a new “Journey to Sustainable Luxury.” The first watch to use this type of gold was the Chopard L.U.C Tourbillon Qualite Fleurier, which we covered back at Baselworld 2014. For Baselworld 2017, Chopard is introducing another Fairmined model to their growing L.U.C collection, the Chopard L.U.C XPS Twist QF Fairmined watch in a limited edition of 250 pieces. Let’s take a look at how it combines high-end finishing, interesting materials, and the attention to detail Chopard’s L.U.C line is known for. read more

12 Luxury Watches You Can Purchase Online Now Direct From Your Brand New

It’s the shopping season, and that probably means at least one thing – you are stressed out from shopping. The last thing any of us wants to do is visit more stores, so good thing the internet has us covered. In the context of luxury watch sales (for the purpose of this article I mean watches with a retail price of $5,000 and up), more and more brands are launching official e-commerce boutiques this year, which means you can buy safe and buy direct. Even though the sale of wristwatches online is anything but new, the luxury watch industry itself has only recently “officially” entered online sales in an appreciable way. Let’s take a look at some of the luxury timepieces that you can buy direct from the company this holiday season. read more

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One of the best new casual dress watches for 2017 comes unsurprisingly from Chopard’s lauded L.U.C (LUC) collection. The L.U.C XP model itself isn’t new, but the Chopard L.U.C XP Ref. 168592-3001 is a brand new reference and given the design and colors, it really stands out from the pack.

Chopard’s main watch designer, Guy Bove, is who I give the most credit to for the brand’s best looking timepieces ranging from the Mille Miglia and Classic Racing watches to the even more high-end fare from the brand’s premium L.U.C collection items. Guy helps the brand’s in-house manufacturing team deliver a beautiful presentation for their work. While the LUC XP 168592-3001 lacks any real unique name or personality, this is a slightly different type of watch which will help collectors see it as being just different enough to merit attention. read more

Chopard L.U.C Quattro Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

When I think of high-end Swiss watchmakers, I must admit I tend to overlook Chopard. The so-called “Big Three” tend to get the most attention in this space; Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe, all three steeped in history and accolades. But after seeing the new Chopard L.U.C Quattro Limited Edition watch for 2018, I’m putting this brand firmly on my radar; featuring both the Geneva Seal and COSC chronometer certification, as well as a 4-barrel (or “Quattro”) power reserve of 9 days, this is a timepiece offering some serious horological clout. read more