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Allow me to highlight Chopard on still another element of the watch, which is the ring. L.U.C watches normally utilize one of the maximum quality straps I know of, and in addition to being attractive, they’re very sensible. By way of instance, many leather straps (calf, alligator, or otherwise) are somewhat stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Factory-fresh, the hand-sewn alligator strap is more durable, but also soft and pliable. Bending easily over your wrist, you can get a comfortable fit right away, which is not something that I can say to get so many high-end watches on the market. “Platinum perpetual calendar view” is about all you need to say in front of most watch fans in order to have them excited. Budget prepared, I would say most folks would be interested in having a product like this, which is both practical to wear and full of prestigious bragging rights. For me, complex apparel watches evoke the picture of someone who is in precisely the same time intellectual and classic. Here is the thinking man’s formal view (or the guy who regularly forgets what month and day it’s — and who also does not have an electronic calendar apparatus).So long as you’re open to the simple fact that a perpetual calendar’s utility and value are mostly emotional, then you are in the ideal mental state to start enjoying a perpetual calendar view. I say all this given that many people are going to use their wristwatch as a quick reference to this date, and not as their only, dependable calendar device. So with that said, when interested in a perpetual calendar, I recommend seeking one that is otherwise comfortable, a good monetary price, and comfy to wear. In a feeling, the perpetual calendar complication needs to be a welcome add-on (as opposed to some detractor) in an otherwise appropriate daily wristwatch. Is your Chopard L.U.C Lunar One only this type of watch? I’d argue, most certainly. read more